Thursday, December 18, 2014

A little Christmas

Welcome to The Country Nest at Christmas! We have been so lucky no snow yet, lots of rain which the gardens and shrubs need to survive the long New England weather.
I didn't put out at least half of my decorations this year. I wanted to simplify this year. Some greens and my favorite things. My Arnett's Santas make me smile whenever I look at them. I have collected a few over the years and do have my favorites.

So come on in~my usual wreath at the back door~

 Some crocks with greens.
 This is my newest Santa. I love his face and he has a gingerbread man so he is in the kitchen.
 My Christmas cactus is in bloom, but it blooms at Easter too.
 This is a favorite. I love Santa in his union suit with his bid belly. Each face is a bit different and I love his. Don't you too?

 I got this one with the flag when my son was deployed. I thought it suited at the time. The little felted reindeers I have had for years.

Waiting for snow

My reindeer at the back door. Love his natural look. I am not into blowups or plastic stuff, but I did do some when the kids were young.
I hope you are all almost ready for the holiday. I finished my gift shopping yesterday. Now I need to get it wrapped and the start baking. I have a few projects I would like to do too. Then meal shopping and getting ready for the family to arrive!!
What do you have left to do?  Let me know.
Put on some Christmas music and enjoy.