Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Garden Club

Good Morning! It is a beautiful, cool but sunny day here in the Northeast. I am is such a happy mood because last night was the first meeting of the year for our local garden club. All the talk of plants and flower shows puts me in a great mood. Just yesterday I was out walking in the garden and look the daffodils are poking their heads up from the frozen earth.

The other thing is look at this beautiful quilt that the club is raffleing off. The workmanship is just beautiful. The ladies in the club have many talents!

The guest speak was a gentleman named Ken who builds Ken's little houses. He spoke on Birds and Bats and was quite interesting...he reminded us to always clean out the bird house by the end of February because the birds are migrating back. (Hooray another sign of Spring) Ken also told us to make sure the bird or bat houses face south, The little creatures love the warmth!

I brought home this little gem! Just pull out the pin and you can clean it out!! Now it will join my other birdhouses for Spring!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow, Snow, go away!

Last weekend I took down all of my snowmen, packed them away....I'm just wishing for Spring so bad, but I know that living in New England that we can still get more snow! Even my outside snowmen had to go. With snow still on the ground....lo and behold we had 60 degree temps. yesterday and it is going to be close to 50 degrees today. Maybe the rest of the snow can go away. I'm digging out my Spring stuff and going to pretend, open my windows and enjoy the fresh air...even if it is only for a few days. There is a garden show in Rhode Island this weekend and this usually gets me in the mood to garden.( Even though I have to wait)

Ok, ok, I know I am jumping the gun but the power of positive thoughts works for me.
I belong to our local Garden Club and was asked if they could use my garden on the tour they will be having in June, but more on that later.......

Enjoy the day.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to My Country Nest

Hi, Please come on in! Some of you may know me as Countryhome308 from RMS. I have decided to take the plunge and start blogging. I am not sure if I write well enough or am creative enough, but I have been lurking around blog land for quite sometime. The first blog I started with was Rues Peanut Butter & Jelly life. I had met her on RMS and I was hooked from there on in. I jump on my computer each day looking for new posts, peeking into your lives, being inspired to try something new. I already feel like I know so many of you. So bear with me while I learn to do this, please.

Come on into my home!

My kitchen is the first room you step into from my porch. We can sit on the porch on a nice day. It is only 34 degrees here today and cloudy....feels like snow again. We have had snow cover since Christmas! I can't wait for Spring. Sunday I took all my snowmen down and put some Spring out, hoping to make it come a little sooner~

The snow is beautiful when it first comes~

This was last week.

Well I am going to run for now, but will be back with more pictures and such real soon.