Thursday, November 15, 2012

~Getting ready for Thanksgiving~

When do you start to prepare for the holidays? I usually start washing windows and deep cleaning  in the fall...I just don't know where the time went this year. Last week I took all the screens off and started washing windows. Deep vacuuming and dusting. If I get it all done for Thanksgiving I can pull out my Christmas on Black Friday. While everyone else is shopping I can crank up the Christmas Caroles, pack away Harvest and bring out Christmas. I have made my shopping list and planned the menu. There are a few things I will make ahead. Pulled out the serving pieces.

Invitations have started to arrive, it seems everyone has something planned for the first Saturday in December. I need to pick up some hostess gifts and get the work gifts, you know those early things that sneak up on you.

So I did a bit of tweaking today in my dining room , kitchen. The big table is open to our kitchen and we eat here everyday, but this is it no formal dining room.

This is where we eat most days and where we will celebrate our Thanksgiving.

 This table is what I changed out the most. I cleared everything off and brought my saltglaze on over.

 I have a wingback I sit in the read and have coffee and this is my view.

Lots more to do, many preparations for a day filled with family, food and laughter. I wanted to sneak in a post first. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving~


Sunday, November 11, 2012

YeeeeHaw, Texas getaway~

My only sister lives so far away, in Fort Worth, Texas. We stay in touch and used to talk weekly, but you see she has a new hubby and her life is changing. OK so now it is a least every other week. It brings me great joy to see her so happy. She just got married this past March and so she is a newlywed. Her new hubby and she just bought a large parcel of land and are getting ready to put a new home on it. They are talking some cattle, chickens and of course their beloved dogs. They have been working on clearing the land and getting it ready for the new house. This of course means getting her long time home ready to sell. I have always loved the home she is in and can't wait to see what she does with her next home. Anyway hubby and I took a quick trip down to visit with my sister and new brother-in-law and I want to share some of our highlights.

We took a ride to
Fredericksberg while we were there. We had a fun time and checked out some of the many shops and sights. I really enjoyed how different it was there with all the Western things.

 We also went to Wildseed Farms! Wow this was the best!
 The shops in downtown Fredericksberg were wonderful. I love the flowers still bursting from the planters. Seeing that mine have all been bitten by the frost and dead!

 We had to stop here,....hubby said he could have stayed much longer than we did. He said his ale was great and would have tried a few more...
 My sister has a sweet vintage trailer that her hubby re did. They have it out on the land for while they are working there. It was so cute and cozy.
 Now this is the barn that was here when they bought the land. Don't you just love it?? Her hubby built an outside shower for them. After working a long hot day....what a way to clean off.
 Now because they had a big smokin BBQ so we could meet the new Hubby's family and friends. Our brother-in-law added something quite unique to the shower.

Now he is a creative fellow and he made this potty in the shower for the gals!! They also told us how much they enjoy primitive camping. Now I really love Primitive decorating, but primitive camping? I was afraid I would tip the bucket and end up on the floor with my behind right there for the world to see. This would not have been a pretty sight, believe me. I loved the B&B we stayed in at Fredericksberg, and the indoor plumbing too. Then again I knew I was not a camping kinda girl. So while this was thoughtful and inventive it is not for this girl.
The BBQ was absolutely the best! He got up in the middle of the night to start his smoker. What a great job he did. Thanks, Dale!

This is the drive in and I think it says it all~This beautiful piece of land will hold my sister and brother-in-laws new home and be where they live their new happy life. I could not be happier that they found each other, that they have so many shared interests and so much love for each other! We had a wonderful trip and got the share some new experiences with them. Now next time we go I hope that there will be a real potty that I can flush :)