Monday, May 19, 2014

Rainy Day Projects and a bit of gardening

The weather is getting a bit better here and then after a couple nice days it gets cool again. YUK! I am weeding and cleaning up my perennial beds. Lots of thug plants being pulled out. I put a couple new iris' in and some spring color. This is my south side garden. I know we are thinking of re-shingling this side of the house and I want it done in the fall so my flowers don't get trampled. No matter how careful they are stuff happens.

While working out I had decided I needed a new potting bench and while both hubby and son promise to build me one I am guessing,(after a couple of years) I need to deal with it myself so I bought this.

On the rainy spring days it got put together, some caster wheels added to keep the dampness from rotting the wood. The a few coats of marine varnish and I wheeled it out here. I love my new potting bench. Not to fancy but just right for what I need. I got it in Christmas Tree Shop for $49.99 and then I had a $10 coupon so it was $39.99, The casters were about $18.00 and the varnish was $7.49. So for $65.48 I built this cute little bench. No power tools needed.

Then another rainy day when I had some appointments cancelled I was looking for a candle holder and realized I had candles and holders in about five different places. I gathered them all up. Went to my storage room under the kitchen and decided all the little kid things from when my grands were little could be donated and recycled and the game shelves would be perfect for my candle storage. So this is what I came up with.

There are many in use around the house, but I swear I am not buying another candle for a long, long time. I don't burn them like I used to and I was really surprised how many there were. The plastic boxes are full too. I threw out  a lot of burnt down candles and many were gifts, but really I have enough for the rest of my life. I used to be a huge Yankee candle fan and now I love soy candles and prim looking candles. I am starting to think it is time for these to go.....Next on my organizing list is going to be my gift wrap stuff. I may need a week and a huge trash can.